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Harry/Hermione Shippers at Phoenix Rising
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May 2007
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Avid Beader [userpic]
One Last Reminder!

Are you able to attend the H/Hr Fans Rendezvous, 9am on Friday, at the Café du Monde? In the aid of helping us get an accurate count, if you haven't RSVPed for the Rendezvous and want to be there, drop us an email at hh_rendezvous@thephoenixrises.org! Also, based on a recent travel guide I scoped at the library, it looks as if the Café does not take plastic, so have cash on hand.

If you're interested in meeting in the hotel and walking over as a group, drop a comment here!

AAH! We get to meet up in less than a week!

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How many people have RSVPed so far?

Also, there's a Capital One ATM machine about a block and a half away from the Cafe; if people don't have cash with them, it's a three minute walk to the nearest ATM.

Headcount was running about 12-15 people earlier in the week, and I expect a few folks on my f-list might show up.