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Harry/Hermione Shippers at Phoenix Rising
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May 2007
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Avid Beader [userpic]
Getting to Know Us

So, a number of people introduced themselves a while ago, and now we're planning a Rendezvous as well. This is a roundup of some of the H/Hr activities of the folks who have responded here or there so we can get a little more familiar with one another and plot to take over the world.

Fanfic Writers:

abigail89: Hysterical Historian on Portkey

alissomora: novel-length fics and shorter pieces

avidbeader: Remembering with Joy, untitled ficlet, and Hold Page One!

hooobajube: hooobajube on Portkey

jacyevans: fics on LJ

k_t18: chaserKT on Portkey

ladyaeryn: Aeryn on Solidarity and Loyalty

likebunnies: Jori on Portkey

selphish: fics on LJ

simons_flower: fics on her archive


avidbeader: Fandom-themed Bead Jewelry

hooobajube: Art on Portkey and music videos

ladyaeryn: Photoshop

Miscellaneous Fingers in Pies:

smilie117: coder extraordinaire for Fiction Alley and multiple HP cons

spoonjosh: editor and host for the Fiction Alley podcast, Spellcast

So read a bit, look around, have a listen. Get to know the people you'll be meeting in May!

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ahiru is also my art journal. I haven't done much Harry Potter related fic or art, though.

Totally need to register ASAP, though. Maybe next paycheck.

Thanks for pulling this information together so we have one place to reference :D! Now to find time to read new fic between now and PR - you'd think I'd have time and inclination but I don't *busys with coding* >:D<