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Harry/Hermione Shippers at Phoenix Rising
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Veronica [userpic]

OK to all the people that were asking us (Atlanta_HP) about getting your very own Weasley is our King Tee Shirts now you can!

I have a link below to a picture of some of us wearing the lovely shirts. People took pictures of the back of our shirts I just haven't come across them yet. Just so you all know the backs have the lyrics printed on them.


Just email me with the size (up to 5X) and type (Anti or Pro Ron). They are $15 each plus $5 shipping. ($1 extra for 2X and 3X, $1.50 extra for 4X and 5X). And I will send you a paypal invoice.

My email ~ HermioneSnape@gmail.com

Avid Beader [userpic]

Here are my photos from attending Phoenix Rising. If any of you have photos to share, please post or include a link in the comments once you get them uploaded!

(My photos are available for sharing, please just ask me first!)

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Avid Beader [userpic]

I am posting summaries of each day over at my LJ, complete with picture links. If you have posted or are going to post about your experiences, please take a moment and toss us a link in the comments!

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Avid Beader [userpic]

Are you able to attend the H/Hr Fans Rendezvous, 9am on Friday, at the Café du Monde? In the aid of helping us get an accurate count, if you haven't RSVPed for the Rendezvous and want to be there, drop us an email at hh_rendezvous@thephoenixrises.org! Also, based on a recent travel guide I scoped at the library, it looks as if the Café does not take plastic, so have cash on hand.

If you're interested in meeting in the hotel and walking over as a group, drop a comment here!

AAH! We get to meet up in less than a week!

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Avid Beader [userpic]

So, a number of people introduced themselves a while ago, and now we're planning a Rendezvous as well. This is a roundup of some of the H/Hr activities of the folks who have responded here or there so we can get a little more familiar with one another and plot to take over the world.

Fanfic Writers:

abigail89: Hysterical Historian on Portkey

alissomora: novel-length fics and shorter pieces

avidbeader: Remembering with Joy, untitled ficlet, and Hold Page One!

hooobajube: hooobajube on Portkey

jacyevans: fics on LJ

k_t18: chaserKT on Portkey

ladyaeryn: Aeryn on Solidarity and Loyalty

likebunnies: Jori on Portkey

selphish: fics on LJ

simons_flower: fics on her archive


avidbeader: Fandom-themed Bead Jewelry

hooobajube: Art on Portkey and music videos

ladyaeryn: Photoshop

Miscellaneous Fingers in Pies:

smilie117: coder extraordinaire for Fiction Alley and multiple HP cons

spoonjosh: editor and host for the Fiction Alley podcast, Spellcast

So read a bit, look around, have a listen. Get to know the people you'll be meeting in May!

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The Katana [userpic]

RSVP: Sabs, Shannon & Lissanne at hh_rendezvous @ thephoenixrises.org
Date: Friday, May 18, 2007
Time: 9 a.m.
Location: Café Du Monde
Pumpkin Pie? Harmony? As long as you enjoy Harry/Herrmione, this gathering is for you! Come and have a bite to eat and some good interaction with fellow fans!

And if you've joined the community and have not yet posted an introduction, well what are you waiting for? You may find the other introductions here and here. To make it easier for all, you can copy and paste what's in the textbox and then just fill it out! :)

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The Katana [userpic]

alissomora, avidbeader and I are looking over possible Rendezvous locations and hope to be posting about that within the next few weeks. Whee meet up! *bounces*

Aside from that, I figure it may be time for a reminder that programming submissions deadline for Phoenix Rising has been extended to 11:59 p.m. EST on November 4, 2006 due to some planned system upgrades.

This event is only as great as the attendees make it out to be so I'm pointing out some things that you could possibly participate in without too much fuss or effort.

First - Fanfiction Readings!
"Fanfiction Readings: Authors selected for participation may read from a single work, or a number of works, and discuss the creative process with the audience."
-----I know some of you are authors - if you've written something, why not consider submitting to be considered for a fanfiction reading at Phoenix Rising? How neat would it be to talk with the author and about their fanfic in person?

Second - Booth applications!
"Booths: Artists, authors, art critiquers, and editors will staff a series of booths, for an hour at a time, and offer their services to attendees. Get a very short piece of fiction written to your request at the drabble booth, or have a bit of line art added to your name badge at the sketch booth. At the beta booth, have an editor become your second set of eyes for previously written fiction, and don't forget to stop by the art critique booth too for feedback on your fanart."
-----How great would it be to write drabbles for other people? How about drawings? This is one of those very cool unique things to receive and do - to get your very own drabble or fanart - to write a drabble or draw a fanart and make someone's day. Test your creativity limits! I know there are writers among you lot and perhaps some artists too. It's not hard to submit an application for and doesn't need much preparation time at all. It's give and take and definitely participatory without much worry.

Lastly - general presentation submissions! Academic and Exploratory
-----Is anyone planning on submitting a presentation or already has? Please let us know if you're accepted - then we can see if people here are interested in attending and supporting fellow shippers :D whether shipping or not is in the presentation matters not. Just interest in the topic does. Anyone need help with their proposals? Have you seen the summary and topic give aways from fromashandflame?

Because I think it'd be great if H/H shippers could make their presence known at Phoenix Rising because we're a great lot and sane too ;) we give and take just like other attendees and should make the most of this experience.

The Katana [userpic]

Hello everyone!

If you have not posted an introduction yet, well what are you waiting for? Please don't be shy, we don't bite. ;) Here's the template beneath the cut if you need it to use and feel free to reply to the previous post here where the other introductions are OR make a new post!

Introduction templateCollapse )

Just to get us going - and as prompted by fiona_fawkes who had posted the other day... submissions deadline for Phoenix Rising programming is coming up on November 1! So if you had an idea(s) that you may want to flesh out with the rest of us, please feel free to do so. I know that abigail89 had an idea she had mentioned briefly on the other post, and I figure this is the perfect place to discuss among those who may have interest and thinking of/are attending the conference - whether it'd be about the ship or related to the characters or whatever you can imagine!

Remember that the programming is only made up of what the attendees make it to be. I'm sure we'll be happy to bounce ideas around with you as you finish up your proposals. (See this link here for how easy it is to submit and be a part of the programming.) Fanfiction readings and Fanart portfolios and booth staffers are needed, and that's pretty easy for anyone who doesn't have the time to work up something else.

Perhaps down the line we could have the H/Hr group do a bit of sponsorship and as a sponsor, we'd get space at Artists and Authors Night, the fandom event at Phoenix Rising, to promote our ship. *bounces*

Hope you are well and please feel free to post as appropriately in this community! It's for you all to use as we count down the months until Phoenix Rising!


Fiona Fawkes [userpic]

Hello. I'm looking at putting together a proposal for a panel at Phoenix Rising and/or Prophecy that looks at how pairing Harry with different characters allows fanfiction writers to explore different aspects of the character's personality and potential. I've made a discussion post on my journal HERE and would love some input from the Harry/Hermione crowd. Thanks.

The Katana [userpic]

*waves to new members and passerbys* Welcome! :D

This community is set up so as to make plans and get to know other Harry/Hermione shippers who are also attending or at least have plans to attend Phoenix Rising in New Orleans, Louisiana (May 17-21, 2007) - it's a chance to get to know other shippers, pre-conference time - Pumpkin Pier, Harmonian, Auror, just H/H-er - we all ship Harry/Hermione together!

As it gets closer to the event, we'll be making plans for our Rendezvous at Phoenix Rising as well as anything else that we may come up with! To help people get to know one another better as well as a place to start, we have a template for people to use as a first time post to the community (whether as a new post or reply, up to you!)

Location (general):
Have you attended other conferences and if so, which ones? (i.e. Nimbus - 2003, Convention Alley, Accio 2005, The Witching Hour, Patronus 2006, Lumos 2006, other non-HP ones, etc.)
How long have you been in the fandom?
Who is/are your favorite character(s)?
What's your favorite book(s) in the series?
If you write, please provide a link(s) to your fics:
If you draw, please provide a link(s) to your art:
Please link us to one Harry/Hermione fic you've really enjoyed and tell us why!

To make it easier for all, you can also copy and paste what's in the textbox and then just fill it out! :)

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